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It was a pleasure to have Carla Douglas edit my most recent novel, Bee Summers. She understood the book and met it on its own terms. Her comments and insights served to enrich and expand the book without changing its essential nature.

~ Melanie Dugan, author of Bee Summers

Beyond Paper Editing provided technical expertise and insights into the publishing industry that were essential to getting our book to market, knowledge that we as first-time authors did not have. 

~ Cal Bowry and Reza Sarshoghi, authors of Dream Beyond Borders: Priceless Lessons for Every Entrepreneur

Beyond Paper Editing and colleagues recently edited a story for me. My experience with them has been wonderful! I found the team to be helpful: encouraging, succinct, immediate.The feedback was constructive and I found myself motivated to dig deeper into my story… seems I’ve got a novel in there that can do with coming out. Thanks to Corina and the team. I’m very grateful!

~Sarah Tun, author of The Peasant Queen and Free to Be