Finding Your Way Around Style Guides

by Corina Koch MacLeod

Detail of doorstop
Image by David Wall (CC BY 2.0)

It’s essay season! (I can hear the collective groan from my desk as I type.) If you’re writing an academic paper, thesis, journal article or dissertation, you’ll be required to format your paper in a particular style using your academic department’s preferred style guide.

(Selfpubs, you’re not off the hook. Your book’s style will be greatly improved if you follow a style guide, too.)

Have you ever seen a style guide? Some of them are doorstops! Giant tomes filled with nitpicky rules. You’ve used every brain cell to write your paper and then you discover it has to be in a particular style. I know, right?

Don’t despair. We’ve written a primer for finding your way around style guides at Cambridge Proofreading this week. Have a look!

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