Magnifying glass

Proofeading is the final stage in the editing process. It’s the last chance you have to catch mistakes before your writing is published. We look for language-related issues like 

  • misspellings and typos
  • missing or extra words
  • grammar and punctuation errors that were missed in earlier stages

We can also ensure that the manuscript is free of errors in visual features like

  • font sizes
  • spacing
  • layout
  • end-of-line breaks (for print)

We will look at your content in its final environment:

  • on an e-reader
  • in a PDF before your book is printed
  • after your content is posted to a website

Why? Because errors can creep into your content while it’s being typeset, formatted, or posted. Proofreaders find a surprising number of errors during this last phase of editing. Careful proofreading ensures content that you can send out to the world with confidence.

We charge an hourly rate for proofreading. Contact us for a quote on your proofreading project.

If you’d like to get a start on proofreading on your own, see our post: How to Proofread Like a Pro.